Bobe Y Derm Our new hot talent

Yong Dermot Tufoin, known by his artistic name as Bobe Y Derm, is an Afro/Njang music artist from Cameroon’s North West Region, born in 1997 in Belo. With a BSc in Geography from the University of Buea, he’s passionate about preserving cultural heritage through music.


Bobe began his musical journey in 2021, releasing hits like “Help Njang” and “Yeina” under Yarz Enter10ment before transitioning to Bobe Heritage Empire as a solo artist. His latest track, a collaboration with BotangRecords, highlights his dedication to fusing tradition with modernity. Through songs like “Appreciate” and “Minjema,” Bobe aims to safeguard his cultural roots, ensuring they remain vibrant and cherished.

His upbringing in Fuli, a village with a strong cultural background, deeply influences his music, emphasizing the importance of maintaining traditions in the face of advancing technology.

With BotangRecords as a collaborative partner, Bobe looks forward to continuing his musical journey, uniting culture and artistry in every release.