Botangrecords stands out from mainstream record labels by prioritizing emerging artists rather than focusing on established musicians who already have a strong presence on social media and other platforms. Additionally, at Botangrecords, we embrace diversity in music genres and do not confine ourselves to any particular niche. We firmly believe that art and music transcend boundaries and should be celebrated in all its forms.


BotangRecords is an initiative of Martin Tohmo, a visionary leader with a deep passion for music and a commitment to creating a platform for undiscovered African talent.

BotangRecords is an initiative of Martin Tohmo, a visionary leader with a deep passion for music and a commitment to creating a platform for undiscovered African talent. Together with a team of devoted music lovers, they intend to bring art, culture and music to another level from growing very young talent to reviving old and seeming lost talent across the globe. Connect with your roots through BotangRecords.

Who is Martin?

Born to Mr & Mrs Tohmo of Fundong Kom, the young Martin would pick an interest in music from watching and participating in choral and theartrical activities from nursery through primary school. Mimicking the juju dance steps and playing whatever tin available spurred the music talent in him. Fundong provided a rich variety for Martin to experience every kind of cultural and traditional rhythm. The doting mom and dad would not let him go off as the dancing masquerade so off to school he went.

In 2004, he embarked on his academic journey at the University of Buea, graduating with a BSc Hons in Geography in 2007.

His connection to music started in his primary school days and continued through high school and university, where he distinguished himself as a remarkable chorister in various choirs. This passion for music never waned; instead, it evolved into a powerful force that would later shape his impact on others.

In 2010, Martin’s pursuit of knowledge took him to Eberswalde, Germany, where he studied Forest Information Technology. However, it was in 2015, after relocating to the USA, that he began to weave his love for music into a transformative force. Martin’s commitment to his culture and music manifested in the formation of the Kom Artist USA group.

Under his visionary leadership, this group of independent artists emerged, creating a platform for collaboration and artistic expression. This musical endeavor not only showcased the talents within the group but also served as a testament to Martin’s ability to inspire and lead.

Beyond the realm of music, Martin’s impact extends to the lives of many young Africans, both in America and Africa, who aspire to pursue their musical talents. His open arms and unwavering support create avenues for growth, offering opportunities for budding artists to thrive.

In his personal life, Martin is married to a beautiful and loving wife, Marie Tohmo. Together, they are blessed with three amazing kids – Makayla, McLaren, and Malcolm Tohmo. This supportive family environment has further shaped Martin’s outlook, making him to excel not only as a seasoned Information Technology professional and Servant Leader but also as a dedicated family man. Today, Martin stands as a cultural ambassador and mentor, using the universal language of music to transform lives and build bridges between cultures.

Martin’s engagement in multiple activities growing up made him learn the power of teamwork and the importance of resiliency. I learned how to organize from my mentors and the power of service from the footsteps of my peers. This reminds me that leading begins with a child participating in Art, culture and music or taking part in community engagements at an early stage of their life.

Join us today in building a great community with Botangrecords.



– BOTANGRECORDS is officially accredited by the minnesota department of labor business.



We envision a world where African voices in the diaspora resonate loudly and proudly, breaking barriers and connecting cultures by inspiring positive change. It is the dot connecting one to one’s roots through the universal language of music.

We aim to improve the economic development of youths here in the USA and beyond through Art and Music. We hope to inspire learning and the personal development of well-rounded individuals through bespoke programs in youth development and leadership in Arts, music and Culture.


Botangrecords is a registered 501c3 with headquarter in Saint Michael, Minnesota aimed at working with African communities within and beyond, to celebrate our diversity, cultivate creativity and contribute to the global tapestry of African art, culture and music.

Our Core Values.

1. Inclusivity:
Embrace the beauty and diversity of African experiences and identities. Foster a welcoming, safe space where people of all backgrounds can learn about, celebrate, and participate in African arts, culture, and music.

2. Community Empowerment:
Invest in programs that support African artists, musicians, and cultural leaders. Advocate for policies and initiatives that uplift and celebrate African communities in the USA and across the globe.

3. Cultural Preservation:
Honor the rich traditions of African arts, culture, and music. Ensure future generations have access to this vital heritage through boothcamps, community programs, documentation efforts, and collaborations with keepers of traditional knowledge.

4. Innovation:
Encourage contemporary African artists and musicians to push boundaries, experiment, and express their unique visions. Support artistic expression that reflects the evolving experiences of Africans in a modern world.

5. Global Exchange:
Facilitate connections and meaningful collaborations between African artists, musicians, and cultural practitioners in the USA and across the world. Promote understanding, appreciation, and cross-pollination of ideas between diverse cultures.


A few years ago, a traditional dance group called “Ikong” which means “Love” was born in Minnesota to bring together young men of African descent to practice and perform a variety of traditional dances during occasions and events. This eventually formed a strong base for cultural engagement and brought about a sense of belonging within the community.

Last year due to increased demand for inclusion and participation, a choir called (Bo Tang choir) was formed. This created a space/opportunity where women, men and children could come together to express themselves musically via African Folklore music. This was warmly received especially by children and individuals born in the US/Minnesota who had never been to Africa. 

During our monthly meetings, we practice singing as well as dancing and go on to showcase our talents at weddings, graduations or even bereavement events where we are able to provide hope and support to grieving families.

Botangrecords recently collaborated with 8 local artists from Africa precisely Cameroon to compose a theme song titled “Woynkom America”. This initiative was 100% self-funded with proceeds dedicated to Afo-a-kom USA and other charitable programs. For instance, there was a guitar contest launched in Africa (Cameroon) for young talented individuals under the age of 30 years who do not have the financial capability to purchase a guitar. This contest was advertised on Facebook/Instagram and the participation was mind blowing which made the selection process a herculean task. Four winners were eventually chosen with the first three each receiving a brand new solo electric guitar worth $200. The fourth candidate who was a composer, singer and guitarist, was offered to be produced a song of her choice for free courtesy of Botangrecords.


Mindful that both youths and adults are becoming disengaged in meaningful activities and are increasingly out of work, this is causing friction in many households with a ripple effect in our communities. Equally, there are immigrants from different backgrounds and cultures who appear to be struggling to fit in within the societal norms here in the USA and as a result may at times question the very essence of their identity. Botangrecords through its activities and programs therefore looks to create an inclusive and comfortable platform where everyone can come together tell their stories and be celebrated/empowered.

By this, we are looking to sell Hope

Reduce crime and promote education

Promote self-discipline, confidence building and talent exploration

Encourage individuals to return to work or look for employment

Foster a sense of purpose and community integration.


Botangrecords will be organizing summer camps to educate and encourage interest in art, music, and culture. This will also provide a forum where individuals can socialize, network and develop new or existing skills.

The summer camps will also focus on promoting Mental Wellbeing through art, music and dance. While looking to share exciting stories of the African culture, there will also be a keenness in making similarities to other cultures here in the USA and beyond as we believe this constitutes the very fabric of our society.


Botangrecords offers you a fantastic opportunity to get completely immersed in the music industry. The program we will be embarking on will provide a dynamic atmosphere to develop talents.

Internships, are available in art, culture and music and a variety of opportunities for children and adults  to engage, reduce loneliness and promote positive change.

At Botangrecords, we will provide a hands-on experience in the ever-evolving world of music and media content creation.



Whether through monetary donations or the generous contribution of used or new musical equipment, you play a vital role in our mission.